Saturday, April 9, 2011


Okay, WHY have I never taken photos at the library?  It so amazing in there!  I had never even been in but now I know just how great it is.  Thanks Maggie and Michael for opening my eyes to this.  Also thank you for being great models.  Got of few of my assistant (aka my cousin) Hunter while we were there.  How do I know such attractive people?

Read Hunters blog here.  Also make sure you listen to her songs here.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


So remember that day when it was warm?  Yeah I was lucky enough to be outside for a while shooting this lovely Ginger Kristy.... needless to say I used her camera for a bit and it put my camera to shame!  That will all change when I get my winnings ;)!  Here is a just a few of Kristy from that GLORIOUS day!

Lauren and Braden!

Honestly, this is the FIFTH time I have tried to load these photos on to my blog.  I try it every weekend because it takes about three hours to do it at my apartment in Logan so I always upload at my parents house, anyway its been CRAZY and hasn't been letting me upload.  So back to the photos... I LOVE Lauren so much!  She is one of my best friend and from what I have met of Braden, I just love him as well!  Congrats Lauren and Braden.

This was SUCH a fun shoot!